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ContempoArte - Selection December 22

The new Collection of ContempoArte is proposed as a showcase, where each selected artist has the freedom to express his idea, his feelings and his thoughts through a single work.

The result is a choral encounter, despite the apparent stylistic variations, a look, a question on how to interpret the concept that undermines the importance of reality to delve more deeply into a feeling of the soul or of the mind.

Within this Collection there are beautiful voices of current contemporary art: poetic artists who manage to tell infinite emotions through their images.

These new selections are a free manifestation of creativity, a path that explores correlations between the most varied styles and techniques and that implements reflective ideas on the themes of form and creative thinking in current art.

His goal is to trace a path that presents the main tendencies of contemporary artists, connected to each other by that generative impulse that cannot be held back, and by that important common denominator which is emotion.

Artists of this Collection:

Isabelle Savineau, Thomas Saliot, Monica Marioni, Gisella Biondani, Giorgio Mercuri, Ilaria Pisciottani, Joanne Huxford, Tina Bellini, Francesca Falli, Ivana Urso, Mariada Perrucci, Beatrice Meoni, Ida Di Pasquale, Carlo Ferrara, Stefano Sommariva, Laura Visigalli, Noemi De Angelis, Francesco Tadini, Linda De Luca, Rosanna Casagrande, La_Maky, Mariella Sapienza, Emilia Di Stefano, Lino Rusciano, Luisa Greco, Michele Palma, Stefano Montinaro, Ernesto Blotto, Barbara Cecchini, Paola Francesca Barone, Gabriel Keresztesi, Barbara Sgavicchia, Paola Rizzi, Stefania Piccoli, Sax Palumbo, Giovanna Mavilia, Iolanda Morante, Nikolina Grabez, Michele Straface, Barbara Businaro, Michele Coccioli, Maria Rosaria Suma, Gianpia Affaitati, Giuseppe Basile, Mauro Mikulin.

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